Wedding Dress!

After all the hullabaloo of making a wedding dress, I found one! 

One that needs some work to be MY dress, but is so beautiful I couldn’t resist. Also $100. This fabric! Applique lace with pearl seed beads! A beautiful train and bustle! A perfect belt with a bow at the back! 

The top pic is the inner corset of the dress. I used horsehair braiding on the seams and neckline and hand tacked in bra cups. The purchased dress had a higher neckline than I wanted, and was a teeny size 6 to my needed size 10. Thankfully the dress had enough room in the side seams to open up a couple inches. I cut the thread in the side seams of the bodice. The skirt and bodice seam was covered with bias binding. 

Picture above: On the left the binding and bodice have been removed. On the right the bias and bodice are still connected. 

The side seams of the bodice are serged. I left those intact and undid the seams at the top and bottom. I placed my corset in between the two layers of the bodice and tacked them together. The top of my corset sticks above the neckline but is also a deeper V. Working layer by layer, I cut the lining, interlining, and mesh of the neckline. I left the lace intact but the beading did fall out from the loose lace. 
I’ve got big plans ahead for this dress!

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